Phase I

  • In the first phase of professional assistance, the building administrator works directly with the marginal teacher. The following steps shall be observed in this phase:

    Identification of the Deficit Areas: The teacher must be informed about what he/she is doing or not doing which is causing the unacceptable results. This conclusion must be supported with as much data as possible

    Expectations for Improvement: The teacher and the principal shall devise a plan to address the problem area(s). All documents should be dated and signed by the teacher and principal.  A copy shall be given to the teacher and one maintained on file by the principal

    Frequent Observation and Feedback: Throughout all phases of assistance, the building administrator shall provide feedback to the teacher and suggestions for improving performance. It is important that oral and written feedback accurately reflect the level of improved performance. Honest feedback is vital to growth: improvement shall be acknowledged and not “manufactured.” Multiple evaluators should be utilized.

    Phase l of professional assistance may be sufficient to achieve the result of the teacher’s performance improving to an acceptable level of professional standards. If sufficient improvement has not been made after several months of assistance, the teacher may move into Phase ll of professional assistance at the discretion of the principal/Director of Schools.

Last Modified on December 20, 2012