Principal's Responsibilities

  • Principals proposing an educator’s assignment to the Professional Assistance Network for Teachers will need to assure that:

    1. The educator has been dealt with in a manner that is consistent with the treatment of all faculties.
    2. All evaluations have been conducted according to the TEAM evaluation model.
    3. Evaluations have been conducted in a timely fashion in order to provide the educator with ample time to make desired improvements.  In addition, the educator should have been provided with constructive feedback, support, and assistance.  Supply appropriate supporting documents to PANT Coordinator.

    All serious problems or infractions have been documented and acknowledged by the educator.  Include only documentation that has been reviewed, shared, or discussed with the educator.

    Principals with an educator placed in the Professional Assistance Network for Teachers will be required to:

    1. Fulfill the responsibilities as outlined for the Primary Evaluator in the program overview and Development Plan.
    2. Adhere to deadlines established by the PANT team/Development Plan.



Last Modified on January 17, 2013