• The Professional Assistance Network for Teachers (PANT) operates upon the following guidelines:

    1. The PANT team will function in an ethical, collaborative, and respectful manner and in ways that are in the best interest of the students of Morgan County. The PANT educator’s rights will be respected by the PANT facilitators, and the team will likewise expect the PANT educator to return such respect.
    2. The Professional Assistance Network for Teachers will be characterized by open lines of communication among all persons involved.
    3. Multiple means and adequate time will be provided to help the PANT educator overcome deficiencies that are determined to be remediable.
    4. The PANT is based upon the assumption that all educators want to be viewed as competent – even though their performance may be marginal at a given time.
    5. Recommendations will be targeted to educator deficiencies.
    6. Efforts will be made to utilize the educator’s strengths in program development.
    7. The PANT educator will be informed of expectations, time frames, and current status at designated points in the PANT process.  Written documentation will be gathered throughout the intervention process and made available to all parties.
Last Modified on January 17, 2013