Qualifications for PreK

  • In order to be eligible to enroll in the Morgan County PreK Program, the following must apply:Children on Seesaw
    1. The child must be 4 years old on or before August 15, the current year. 
    2. The child may NOT be 5 years old on or before August 15, the current year.
    3. The child must have a recent physical exam and updated immunizations.  According to the State Health Department, a child entering preschool must have completed immunizations as if entering kindergarten.  This includes the 4th DTP, 3rd Polio, and 2nd MMR.
    4. The parent/guardian of the child must complete all of the required paperwork including income verification.
    5. The PreK state statute specifics that each LEA is authorized to and may enroll any at-risk child who is 4 years old by August 15 and resides in the geographic area served by the LEA, with first priority given to those children who are eligible for the free/reduced lunch program.  If a school system accurately identified the number of unserved at-risk children in the school district, every effort should be made to fill these classrooms with this group of children leaving no room for non-at-risk children.

    Enrollment Priority Requirements:
     1st    Students eligible for the free and reduced lunch program
    Students with disabilities (IEP)
       If an insufficient number of children meeting the above enrollment requirements are enrolled to fill a specific classroom, the LEA may enroll any child who meets the age requirements and the requirements set forth by the Community PreK Advisory Council. 
    Students who meet local at-risk criteria as established by the local Community PreK Advisory Council, such as
    • Premature Birth
    • Teen Parent
    • Single Parent
    • Grandparent Raising Child
    • Non-served/Underserved:
     boys      Ms. Erica's Class
Last Modified on April 7, 2022