What Makes Up Today's School Meals?

  • good food School meals today are not what they used to be when many of us were children in school.  Today, students are given choices of the foods they want to consume through a program called "Offer vs Serve" and a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables are offered daily.
    Breakfast:  All 4 items are offered; students can elect to choose any 3 for a reimbursable meal.  Less than 3 will result in a la carte pricing.
    Milk - one 8 oz. serving
    Fruit or Juice - 1 service
    1 Grain and 1 Meat OR 2 Grains OR 2 Meats
    Lunch:  For a reimbursable meal students must select 3-5 different components but one must include a fruit or vegetable.
    Meat/Meat Alternate - 1 serving
    Fruit - 1 serving
    Vegetable - 1 serving
    Grain - 1 or more servings
    Milk - one 8 oz. serving
    What makes a lunch  
    Free and Reduced students receive one reimbursable breakfast and one reimbursable lunch daily.  Extras are subject to a la carte pricing.
Last Modified on March 25, 2015