• The Save the Children Sponsorship gives children an opportunity to connect with an advocate outside their community.  Through the letter exchange program, a sponsor can expose a child to their world, and the child can be a voice of its community.  The United States Sponsorship program works with more than 70 schools in 8 states.

    Each child is offered the opportunity to participate in the sponsorship program with permission from the parents or caregiver.  Sponsors make a monthly contribution to Save the Children on behalf of their sponsored child.  These donations are combined with the gifts of other sponsors and donors-rather than just being earmarked for their sponsored child-and are used to support the Save the Children programs operating in their community.

    Sponsors and their sponsored child have the opportunity to write letters to each other. Sponsors also receive quarterly newsletters and get updates through the mail from Save the Children.  This allows sponsors to personally experience the positive change they are helping to make in the life of a child and his or her community.  Sponsorship is a safe way for your child to correspond and apply developing literacy and writing skills as they correspond with their sponsor.  This being said, the safety of the children is our main concern.  All mail is screened for safety and sponsors only receive your child's first name, photo, and state.  They do not receive a last name, school name or other community information.  Likewise, all sponsors residing in the US undergo a background check to further ensure child safety.
    As a parent, all you need do is give permission for your child to participate when they bring home the application form.  Your School Sponsorship Liaison does the rest.
    A Sponsorship Success Story
    All of the five elementary schools in Morgan County currently participate in the Save the Children program.  Until Fall 2015, Oakdale and Sunbright were the only schools having the Sponsorship program.  Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, all five of the Save the Children schools now have Sponsorship.
    During the summer of 2015, Oakdale School was awarded a $10,000 donation for the purchase of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) equipment on behalf of two of the students, Garret Miller and Lyric Hale, that had been part of the Sponsorship program in past years.  Morgan County Schools would like to thank TJ Maxx, the corporate donor, for their generosity on behalf of the students at Oakdale School.  $5,000 in robotics equipment was purchased along with 4 Dell laptop computers and 4 iPads.  A wonderful example of Sponsorship working for the benefit of all students, not just the child sponsored.  Garret has graduated high school, long past eligibility for the Save the Children program.  Lyric is now in high school and also past eligibility.
      Garret Miller and students building with the STEM robotics
     STEM equipment
    STEM equipment provided by TJ Maxx donation
    busy working  
    Working with the robotics
    Thanks again Save the Children and TJ Maxx!! 
    Remember, when your school's Sponsorship Liaison asks you to give your child permission to be part of Sponsorship, sign your child up!  There's no telling what could happen!
Last Modified on April 7, 2022