Board Meetings & Annual Board Agenda

  • On the first Tuesday of every month, the School Board conducts their regular monthly meetings.  Special meetings can also be called in certain circumstances or situations.  In addition, the school board hosts regular workshops on the last Tuesday of every month.  Currently, these meetings and workshops begin at 6:00 pm, but their times are subject to change.
    The purpose of these meetings and workshops is to conduct business for the school system and to make policies that will better Morgan County Schools.  The Director of Schools is responsible for enforcing these policies.  A majority of the school board members must be present at a meeting to vote on business or policies.
    Not only do school board members and the Director of Schools attend these meetings and workshops, but the Assistant Director of Schools, all supervisors, all school principals, and other personnel whom the board may deem necessary are requested to attend.  Agendas for these meetings are compiled based on input from the Director of Schools, supervisors, school principals, and the public.  These agendas are approved at school board workshops and followed at the monthly meetings.
Last Modified on February 11, 2016