Dual Enrollment

  • Interested and qualified juniors and seniors are encouraged to sign up for courses offered through area Tennessee Technology Centers and Roane State Community College.
    • Dual enrollment means a student will receive both high school and college credit for successfully completing the course.
    • In order to be eligible to take a Dual Enrollment course, a student must have both a GPA equal to or greater than a 3.0, and a score equal to or greater than a 19 on the appropriate subtest of the ACT.
    • Students will need to provide their own transportation to RSCC or TTC.
    • Scholarship money may pay a portion of the cost of one college course per semester (up to 4 semesters) with the student responsible for the difference.
    • Dual enrollment classes will have a scoring scale at the home school:

               College Grade      High School Numerical Grade     QPA
                        A                                   100                                      4.16
                        B                                     92                                      3.12
                        C                                     84                                      2.08
                        D                                     74                                      1.04
                        F                                     69

    • All dual enrollment classes will be reviewed and approved by school administrators, and on-line classes may be taken with administrator approval only.
    • Students may not take four courses off-campus without administrative approval.  Students are responsible for keeping up to date with important events and activities at their home school.
    • Students will not be allowed to audit a class.  If a student withdraws within the proper time frame of RSCC policy, then a class will be scheduled for that student at their home school or the Morgan County Career & Technical Center.
    Roane State Courses:
    • Students must submit the RSCC application form and $20 and be admitted to RSCC in order to enroll in classes for college credit.  
    • Contact your school counselor for applications to begin this process.
    • Students will need transportation since some of the sources are offered at the various Roane State campuses in the area (like Wartburg, Harriman, Oak Ridge, and Crossville). 
    Possible courses include:
    • Art Appreciation
    • College Algebra
    • Emergency Medical Technology
    • English Composition I
    • General Biology
    • Intro to Business
    • Music Appreciation
    • Psychology
    • Safety & First Aid
    • Sociology
    • Speech
    • World Geography
    • World Literature
    Students interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should contact their school counselor in the spring of their sophomore or junior year during pre-registration to begin the registration process with Roane State or the TN Technology Center.
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Last Modified on December 18, 2019