• Working closely with the Director of Schools, the Assistant Director makes frequent visits to schools in the district.  She is responsible for assisting with evaluating administrators in the district and acts as the liaison between schools and the central office. 

    Coordinated School Health (CSH) is an effective system designed to connect health (physical, emotional and social) with education. This coordinated approach improves students' health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities and schools working together. The Morgan County Coordinated School Health works with many partners to address school health priorities.

    The Coordinated School Health (CSH) model is a method of connecting health and learning that consists of eight inter-related components. This approach constitutes a systems change by improving students' health and their capacity to learn through personal responsibility, and the support of families, communities and school.

    By definition all Coordinated School Health components work together to improve the lives of students and their families. Although these components are listed separately, it is their composite which allows CSH to have significant impact. A list of definitions of each component is available in printable format.

    Eight Components of Coordinated School Health

    TN Office of CSH Website

    2023-2024 Title IX training 

Contact Information

  • Patricia Pace
    Assistant Director 
    Coordinated School Health Supervisor
    Ext. 244 

    Sheila Freels
    Sheila Freels
    Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 248
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