Testing & Evaluation

  • 2022-2023 Assessment Calendar


    2023-2024 Tentative Spring Testing Schedule

    Assessment Information


    • Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies assessed.
    • Measure knowledge in these areas.
    • State Mandated
    • Time allotments set by TDOE.
    • Data disseminated, if available, before end of school year. If not available, at the beginning of the next school year.



    • Math, Reading, English, and Science assessed.
    • Measure college readiness.
    • TDOE State mandated.
    • Time allotment set by ACT/SAT vendors.
    • Data disseminated to students/parents and the home school.



    • Federal test in Math & ELA for randomly selected 4-8 graders.
    • Federal mandated if selected.
    • Time allotment pre-determined by test proctors.
    • No results disseminated to parents or school.



    • English assessment for ELL’s.
    • Measure English ability.
    • Required by TDOE for all students classified as ELL.
    • Results disseminated at first ILP for upcoming school year to go over results and determine if modifications are needed.



    • Math & ELA assessed.
    • K-8 universal screener for Morgan County.
    • Three fifty-five minute periods are used to complete each portion
    • Dissemination of results occur after each assessment and data is used to determine transition in or out of a Tier group.



    • Measure end of course knowledge in subject areas previously identified.
    • TDOE mandated tests
    • Time allotment set by TDOE.
    • Data disseminated to schools and parents as soon as TDOE returns results.

          Assessments in the following subjects:

    • English I & II (3 parts each)
    • Geometry (3 parts)
    • S. History (3 parts)
    • Biology
    • Algebra I & II (3 parts each)


Last Modified on May 12, 2023