UTK Leadership Academy

  • Since 2009, administrators and aspiring school leaders from Morgan County Schools have received training from the University of Tennessee Center for Educational Leadership. The Educational Leadership Institute from the University of Tennessee Center for Educational Leadership is an intensive professional development institute providing expertise to offer support and skill building in school leadership areas such as:
    Center for Educational Leadership
    • Financial leadership
    • Ethical leadership
    • Data-driven leadership
    • Curricular reform and development leadership
    • Cultural change/innovation leadership
    • Capacity building for improved academic performance
    • Human resources leadership
    Sessions for the 2012-13 school year have included monthly seminars facilitated by Betty Sue Sparks, the Center’s Cornerstone Principal in Residence. Participants engage in a variety of research-based activities designed to enhance skill development and learning.  Activities include scenario building, vicarious experiences, guided reflection scenarios, conversation protocols and structured school visits designed around the 21 responsibilities of the principal as defined by Marzano and Waters.
Last Modified on January 18, 2013