• Teaching presents a unique challenge as a profession because so much of its success is based on human interaction.  Every school district puts it own face on that interaction, and only through some immersion into school cultures can educators grasp its overt as well as underlying dynamics and rhythms.  The new teacher program is designed to help teachers more effortlessly acculturate so that they may accomplish the overall goal of educating Morgan County Schools' students.
    The Morgan County School Board has established the Teacher Induction Program as a tenure requirement.  Novice teachers and newly hired veteran teachers are required to attend all meetings in order to be granted tenure.  A novice teacher is a teacher who is working their first year in a licensed teaching position.  A newly hired beteran teacher is any teacher who has previous teaching experience but is new to our district.  Attendance at induction sessions will be documented.
    These meetings will provide practical information needed by teachers and will also provide education, from a variety of voices in the community, regarding the mission and philosophy of the school system. 
Last Modified on February 25, 2013