Technology Department

  • The MCS Technology Department works hard to provide excellent technical support and training. We strive to ensure students and teachers receive the best technology equipment and software available. We are always looking for new ideas to assist teachers in their classrooms and help students be prepared to use technology for life after they graduate. The Technology Department consists of a Technology Coordinator, two Technology Technicians, and a Technology Coach.

    The MCS network has ten local network sites on a 1Gb fiber connection back to the Central Office where it has 100Mb EGRESS outbound for the district internet. Without help from ENA and Highland Communications, our fiber WLAN connection would not be possible. With our 100% coverage wireless network, we have implemented our bring-your-own-device (BYOD) Policy for teachers and students. Students and teachers can now bring laptops, tablets, and cell phones and connect to our MCSPODNET network.

    MCS now has 1,800 devices on our network, including 20 computer labs and 5 mobile laptop labs. We also support iPads, printers, projectors, and Promethean boards.

    Our Distance Learning programs offer high school students the opportunity to take Spanish I and II, Chemistry, Physics, and Art. Dual credit courses are also available over Distance Learning with Roane State Community College for English Composition I and College Algebra.

    Thanks to our new Microsoft agreement, we have now completed the Windows 7 upgrade with Office 2010 installed on every computer in the district. We will now always receive the latest software from Microsoft and have it available to our PCs. Office 2013 is now available and will be installed upon request.

    MCS has adopted Google as the district email provider. As of December 2012 the email address of is the new main address of Morgan County Schools. By switching to Google it has opened the opportunity for cloud computing, Google Drive, and video conferencing. Currently all administrators and Central Office staff have webcams and are enjoying the flexibility and convenience of video conferencing.

    With the switch to Google, all high school students now have an email address at Students in grades 4-8 are creating a web presence in a filtered environment by using the Gaggle e-mail, digital lockers, and messaging.

    Other online programs have been implemented district-wide to improve efficiency. An online substitute management program, AESOP, is used to contact and place substitutes when teachers are absent from the classroom. All professional development opportunities for teachers are tracked using MyLearningPlan (MLP). The OASYS component of MLP feeds evaluation data to the State of TN CODE program. Field trips are scheduled, buses coordinated, and maintenance requests submitted and tracked through the School Dude program. Personnel throughout the district report technology repair needs via the online MCS HelpDesk which tracks and organizes repair tickets per school. These programs are in addition to the state-provided Star Student program that schedules students, tracks student attendance, and generates progress reports and grade cards throughout the school year.

    Technology training is primarily conducted during the summer months. Course offerings are determined by annual surveys of teacher needs. In addition, numerous teachers within the district share their technology expertise at the annual in-service training day in August.

Contact Information

  • Chris Rogers
    Chris Rogers
    Technology Coordinator
    Ext.  236
     Tracy Layne
    Tracy Layne
    Administrative Assistant - Technology
    Ext. 233

    Brian Peddicord
    Brian Peddicord
    Computer Technician
    Ext.  237

    Cliff Ledford
    Cliff Ledford
    Computer Technician
    Ext.  232

    Roger Liles
    Computer Technician/
    PowerSchool SIS Administrator
    Ext. 246
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