Department Overview

  • The Director of Student Services monitors student attendance at each school and watches attendance patterns as he submits attendance reports required by TDOE. He works closely with the Graduation Coaches at each high school and conducts individual student counseling sessions when needed.   Serving as the liaison between the MCS, students, parents, courts, community agencies, and police authorities, he contacts parents of students with high absentees and schedules Truancy Review Board meetings on a regular basis.  
    In addition, the Director of Student Services oversees and supervises the Extended Contract program under the Career Ladder Program.  He also coordinates the countywide Independent Study Program (ISP), participates in student entry meetings, and takes part in the graduation ceremony for the ISP students.  The Director of Student Services is one of two Complaint Managers for the system involving cases of sexual harassment and bullying.  
    Working with individual school administrators, the Director of Student Services provides assistance and information as needed on issues dealing with student discipline and safety.  He supervises and coordinates Home Schoolers, the Homebound Program, and the Alternative School Program.  To stay up to date on laws and regulations concerning student discipline and safety, he regularly attends state-wide conferences and meetings.

Contact Information

  • Bill Hunter
    Bill Hunter
    Director of Student Services 
    ext. 227
Last Modified on March 5, 2018