Oakdale Drama Club Presents THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Oakdale Drama Club Presents THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

       OHS Spring Play 2021

       The Show Must Go On


     Welcome to Wimpleton’s World of Wonder!  Except there is no world, no wonder, and the only Wimpleton left is Winnie the “Wimp” Wimpleton.  Wimpleton or Simpleton, Winnie is left with a circus train to travel the world, but no one to fill the train.

     After Winnie’s parents, the great Wimpletons, died in a freak cannon accident, she inherited the circus train, tent, equipment, and animals, but no workers.  The cannon backfired in the big top and all the workers quit on the spot and sued Winnie’s circus for damages.  Now, Winnie is on a mission to take the train, the equipment, and the animals to the circus capital of the world, Peru, Indiana, to sell the Wimpleton’s World of Wonder.  But her train breaks down in the middle of Peculiar, Missouri.  What is Winnie to do with a broken-down train and this being her only way to make any money to cover the debt from the former circus workers’ lawsuits? 

     Meanwhile, two famous jewel thieves, Daphne and Darla DuBois, have just robbed Mrs. Howell, the richest woman in Peculiar, and are looking for a fast getaway out of town.  Jumping on board Winnie’s train, only to realize it is broken down, these two robbers have got to get in disguise and out of sight from Peculiar’s own Marshal Coltrina Revolver.

     Winnie’s financial advisor and friend, Ned Nerdinheimer, encourages Winnie to take advantage of the train breakdown and hold auditions for a new circus.  Instead of selling the show, she should put on a show.  What better place to get new talent and put on a show than in a town called Peculiar?  If Winnie makes enough money, not only could she settle the lawsuits, she could maybe even save Wimpleton’s World of Wonder.   As auditions unfold, Winnie not only gets a new troupe, but two jewel thieves, and an undercover marshal.

General Admission Play Times:

Friday, April 16, 2021

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Cost:  $6 Adults; $2 Students

Time:  7:00 p.m.

Seating will be socially distanced and limited to 85 maximum.  More information on how to purchase tickets will be announced at a later date.

Day time shows for students will currently cost $1.00 and be viewed pre-recorded.  More information on dates will be announced at a later date.