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The Director of Schools appoints an Assistant Director and Supervisors to manage and oversee the efficient operation of the school system's various countywide departments. It is the responsibility of these Central Office staff members to work with the school principals to best meet the needs of the students and to enhance each school's unique instructional program.  Academic Coaches work with principals and teachers to enhance and strengthen the instructional program.
The Central Office staff moved to its current location on Flat Fork Road in 2001. This facility offers more room for existing staff, plus a large meeting hall and a smaller conference room. In addition, a networked computer lab is located downstairs for county-wide training.
The facility houses the offices of the county-wide supervisors and their staff members plus the countywide academic coaches. The school board monthly workshops and regular meetings are held in the meeting hall. In addition, several organizations, including the Morgan County Chamber of Commerce, use this facility for their monthly meetings.