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Special Education Services

Special Education in Morgan County is a support team that provides services to students in a variety of settings.  It is important to keep in mind, however, that receiving special education services does not mean that students with disabilities will spend their day entirely in separate special education classrooms. These settings could include support in the general education classroom, pull out intervention services, related services, or in extreme cases, placement in the most restrictive environment of a comprehensive classroom, homebound, or special school.  The goal of Special Education is to help students grow academically, socially, emotionally or behaviorally and ultimately graduate and be successful after high school whether that is through college, vocational training, or be successful on-the-job.  In order for students to be successful, Morgan County will create high quality IEPs that will serve as a guide to achieving these goals.  The IEP is a roadmap that tells all stakeholders where students currently are, how they should improve over the next year and how general education teachers, special education teachers, and related service providers will help students achieve this.  The foundation of a high quality IEP is the present level section which specifically outlines what a student can do and what their deficits are in comparison to their typical peers. In conclusion, it is Morgan County’s vision that all students with disabilities will have high quality IEPs developed in collaboration with multiple stakeholders in order to promote student achievement through specific supports provided by a variety of staff during school, so that they can be challenged to meet expectations in all aspects of life.