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Morgan County Schools has a fleet of 40 school buses ranging from the large 78-passenger buses to the smaller special needs buses equipped with wheelchair lifts.  

All buses are state inspected annually and MCS mechanics perform a routine maintenance check once a month.  This includes checking tires, lubricants, changing the oil, and inspecting all safety aspects on each bus.  Buses are removed from service upon the bus reaching 200,000 miles regardless of the year of the bus.

All bus drivers must hold a CDL license with a passenger and an S endorsement, have a background check and pass a pre-employment drug screening as well as random drug screenings. They must also hold a valid DOT medical certificate. Morgan County has approximately 34 drivers, 2 mechanics, a transportation director and a transportation assistant.  Each of these individuals must complete safety training and S endorsement training annually. 

Morgan County Schools Transportation department's vision is to positively impact each student’s educational experience by partnering with schools, families, and communities to provide safe, timely, and efficient transportation to and from school and school sponsored activities.