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District Overview

The Morgan County School system has eight schools:

Schools that are located in the communities of Coalfield, Oakdale, and Sunbright are PreK thru 12th grade schools.  Wartburg, the county seat, has separate facilities that house a PreK thru 5th elementary school, a 6th thru 8th middle school, and a separate 9th thru 12th high school.  Petros-Joyner School is a PreK thru 8th grade facility that serves as a feeder school for both Coalfield and Wartburg Central High.  The Morgan County Career & Technical Center, located on the eastern edge of Wartburg's city limits, serves all of the high school students in Morgan County. 

Over 3,000 students attend the county's schools with approximately 250 seniors graduating annually from the four high schools combined.  Wartburg Central Elementary School serves over 600 students with the county's three PreK-12th grade schools reporting enrollments of over 500 students each.